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National Signing Day 2016: Ranking Syracuse Coach Dino Babers's Welcome Tweets

Dino got creative, and we rate that creativity.

Dino Babers's Twitter Feed

Today's National Signing Day, as you're well aware. And with that, the Syracuse Orange welcomed 20 new players into the program -- complete with their own customized Dino Babers messages. I find it hard to believe that anyone else wrote these but Coach, as they all seem to fit what we know about his personality and sense of humor. It's also a cool, personal touch, and because it yielded some entertaining gems, we have a little fun with it too.

Many were very good. Others were pretty basic. In any case, we rank Babers's National Signing Day tweets, one through 20:

1. Aaron Servais

"Another giant brick in this wall we're building on the OLine! Protective SERVAISes!"

This pun knocks it out of the park, with the Servais/service interchange that's been hanging out there for over a month despite us and many others completely missing it. 5-Star effort on that one, Coach.

2. Scoop Bradshaw

"Scoop Doggy-Dog and Dr. Dino are at the Dome!"

This was very good, and if you think we're ignoring the "Dr. Dino" moniker at all, you are very much mistaken. Related tweets that would've also been acceptable: "SCOOOOOOOOOP DOG" or (especially since Babers is a movie fan) "Scoop-a-loop! Bring your friend with the green hat!"

3. Michael Clark

"Pancakes for breakfast!"

The excitement in the Babers household when pancakes are, indeed, for breakfast must be palpable.

4. Sam Heckel

"This #DomeDude will be HECKELing DLinemen for the next 4 years!"

With luck, you're right, Dino. Another bit of low-hanging fruit that Coach is much quicker than us on.

5. McKinley Williams

"This monster of a man can also do back flips at 255lbs! Excited he's a #DomeDude!"

First: Someone please locate a video of this feat of strength. Second: "Monster Man McKinley" sounds like a great nickname-in-waiting.

6. Joshua Black


You get it... because of Orange is the New Black. Except we're Orange. And his last name is Black. Ha!

7. Liam O'Sullivan

"Just added a second 6'7" #DomeDude to the family! Orange is the new BIG?"

"Wait.. did he mean B1G? Are we leaving the ACC?"

8. Evan Foster

"#picksNsticks all day with this #DomeDude!"

That's a mandate, Evan Foster. If you're doing anything but picking or sticking, Coach will come after you.

9. Kendall Coleman

"QBs beware with this sack artist in Orange!"

"Sack artist" used to be used a whole lot more. I feel like it's dropped off. Babers brings it back (and hopefully Coleman does too).

10. Sean Riley

"The Golden Boy from the #GoldenState is officially a #DomeDude!"

Nice golden tie-in, and maybe you pick up some Warriors conversation in the process? This was less clever/funny, and more just a sensible move given Riley's current status as the class's only California kid (though as a CA resident, I'd note that no one calls it the Golden State and we're much more likely to identify with our specific region).

11. Devon Clarke

"Syracuse NY is officially a #NoFlyZone thanks to this #DomeDude!"

Isn't a usually a #NoFlyZone because of the weather?

12. Jo-El Shaw

"The Steel City Express is coming to Syracuse NY!"

Invoking the Express, Coach? I'll allow it, especially since it also gives us a nickname to lean on pretty quickly.

13. Jaquwan Nelson

"The Orange just added another sack specialist to the family!"

Was praying he'd say something about Georgia here...

14. Kenneth Ruff

"This #DomeDude is going to help hold down the defense for the next 4 years!"

I'd agree. But "RUFF RYDERS ANTHEM" was the correct answer here.

15. Carl Jones

"Another #DomeDude straight out of the #216!"

Was this a holdover from the ambiguous posts we used when we couldn't say their names?

16. Rex Culpepper

"Kicking off #NSD16 with our first 3 commits already on campus! Excited to add Rex Culpepper to the #DomeDude family!"

Dinosaur references were right there!

17. Moe Neal

"Glad we've added this weapon to the offense!"


18. Andrew Armstrong

"Army is now a #DomeDude!"


19. Tim Walton

"Great player, great program, great pedigree!"

Boring at first glance, but could be a veiled play at multiple players from Walton's high school, Cass Tech.

20. Devin Butler

#PGCounty's own is officially a #DomeDude!

The kid's a track star. This played right into the #OrangeistheNewFast messaging.


Overall, Babers nailed it on at least six. Did a solid job on another nine. And then the last five could've used some polish. I fully expect movie puns for every single recruit in the class of 2017. Clock starts now, Coach.