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National Signing Day 2016: Sean Riley Chooses Syracuse over Arizona

Sean Riley is the prototypical back for the Dino Barbers offense.

A small, speedy running back, Sean Riley is the prototypical back for the Dino Barbers offense. At his size and weight, he is not an every down back yet, but as he fills out his frame, he very well could be. Even at his weight right now, he can pack a punch on his run.

Twitterfeed: @seankriley

High School: Narbonne High School (Harbor City, Calif.)

Position: RB

Stats: 5'9'", 165 pounds

Main Recruiter: Group effort, with Dino Babers's connections to the school really helping out a lot after Arizona asked Riley to greyshirt.

Commitment Date: January 17, 2016

Ratings: ScoutRivals, and ESPN have him as a 3 star player, and 24/7 has Riley as a 3 star and composite .8357 player.

Other Offers: Arizona, San Diego State and Utah.

Highlights: Here is Riley in one of his last games of his senior year.

Player Breakdown: While Riley is a smaller back, a little underweight currently, he has the speed and vision that if he gains some weights and grows a little, can be an effective Power-5 back. Once he hits the second level, Riley has the acceleration to rip off big runs and move the chains. He has good agility, but he is more of a one cut, down hill back. He has the pass catching skill to be effective in the passing game. He will be a fun back to watch for the next couple years.