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North Carolina 75 - Syracuse 70: Too Little Too Late in Orange Comeback

Syracuse wasn't expected to win on Monday but the fact that they came close in spite of so many mistakes makes the loss sting all the same.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

How this for a typical Syracuse Orange result. The team comes into a game as a huge underdog and no one expects them to win. They play terribly most of the game but make a run late. All of a sudden they've got you feeling good. Feeling like they can win. Feeling like anything's possible. Feeling like this is when it all happens.

And then...they lose and you're crushed because of what could have been and this is why you won't live to be 75.

The North Carolina Tar Heels held on for a 75-70 victory over the Orange on Monday night. It's a result we assumed but it still doesn't feel very good. Perhaps it's all the missed opportunities, strange fouls, turnovers, and curious decisions.

Michael Gibinje led the Orange with 17 points and seven assists but also turned the ball over seven times. Trevor Cooney scored 14 but went cold in the second half when the team could have used a boost. Malachi Richardson stepped with ten points and a key late steal but it couldn't make up for four turnovers and four fouls. Tyler Roberson added nine points and 11 boards.

More to come but the Orange have no choice but to move forward and focus on Florida State, which has huge implications for ACC Tournament seeding and NCAA Tournament chances.