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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Locked Into a 9-Seed Right Now, Apparently

If you believe some of the big bracketology experts, Syracuse is pretty firmly a nine-seed right now.

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's game with the North Carolina Tar Heels could have huge implications for the Syracuse Orange's NCAA Tournament projections, but before that, it appears that the Orange are not only in but also seem to have a lock on a very specific seed and opponent.

Both ESPN's Joe Lunardi and CBS Sports' Jerry Palm have the Orange as a nine-seed and both have them playing the 8-seed USC Trojans in the first round. Where they differ is region as Lunardi puts SU in the Midwest where they'd likely face Kansas in the second round and Palm has the Orange in the South with Oklahoma looming.

Shelby Mast of USA Today agrees that the Orange are currently a nine-seed but has them facing 8-seed St. Joseph in the first round out of the East region with Villanova likely for the second-round. Given the Wildcats' propensity for losing early in the NCAAs, that might be a best-case scenario, especially since Mast places this pod in New York City.

Meanwhile, the Bracket Matrix still has Syracuse as the "top" 10-seed and it appears that we're jockeying with Pitt for position right now. Obviously the more wins the better but if you're looking for another team to measure us against, the Panthers might be a good fit.