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Syracuse Basketball: Michael Gbinije's Tough-Guy Pants & Trevor Cooney's Lack of Swag

Michael Gibinje wears a trench coat and tough-guy pants to the mall. We learn that and more if his and Trevor's chat with Donna Ditota.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Outgoing Syracuse Orange players Michael Gbinije and Trevor Cooney sat down with Donna Ditota for a kind-of exit interview as they prepare for the final regular season game in the Carrier Dome. What happened, as often does in these situations, was gold.

Here's the most golden moments of all.

Ditota: OK, tell me a hidden talent about each other.

Cooney: Mike's? I guess I would say his art.

Ditota: Mike is artistic? In what way?

Gbinije: Probably in a swag way.

Stop trying to make Swaggy G happen, Michael. You're Silent G and you've always been Silent G.

Gbinije: Typically, I put my tough-guy pants on so people won't come near me. Or I'll dress up in a trench coat and sunglasses, so they won't know.

Ditota: That's not true.

Cooney: It is true. He has a fake mustache thing and everything. He does. It's pretty sweet.

1. What are tough-guy pants? Cargo?

2. I demand photos.

Ditota: Typical job interview question: What will you be doing in five years?

Cooney: For me, something with basketball, whether it's continuing to play wherever that might be or get into coaching.

Gbinije: I would have created the next best thing. I'm working on my hover bicycle.

Admittedly, very swag answer.

Ditota: So neither of you guys are into social media. Do you pay attention to what people say about you, do you pay attention to what people write about you?

Cooney: I did when I was younger. Now that I'm older, it just is what it is. Social media gives people the platform to say whatever they want, have their own opinions, which is fine. But you gotta realize that being a college athlete, you're in the spotlight. Only a couple people actually know what they're talking about, so those are the people that I listen to.

Gbinije: I only pay attention to the good. I just decide if it's something I should pay attention to or if it's just in one ear and out the other.

Ditota: Because it's hurtful or harmful or just plain stupid?

Gbinije: All three.

Pretty sure Hurtful, Harmful & Just Plain Stupid is our mission statement, so, guess we're out.

Gbinije: I try not to be seen in public with Trevor, really. I feel like his swag is just not up to par with mine. I feel like it's bringing me down.

Yeah that seems fair.