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Syracuse Football: Give Dino Babers Your Heart, Make It Real, Or Else Forget About It

It's Day One of Syracuse Football spring practice. How does Dino Babers feels about it?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Dino Babers Era is official now that Syracuse Orange spring practice is underway. The coaches and team took to the Ensley Athletic Center to begin 2016 with a fresh start and an eye towards the future. Coach Babers, apparently, is also bringing some serious Dad vibes to the festivities.

Give Dino Babers your heart. Make it real. Or else forget about it.

Babers also put his first stamp on the program by changing up the colors of the practice jerseys.

No platinum, at least.

As far as how tough the day was going to be...not that tough.

Of course the big story for now is going to be whether or not Babers is officially going to annoint Eric Dungey as the starting quarterback headed into the 2016 season. He would not do any such annointing on this day.

When asked to clarify Dungey's status in regards to the idea that he's one hit away from losing eligibility, Babers stayed on point:

"You're one car accident away from having a concussion. I can't predict the future. I just know that he was out there today and he looked good."

Not quite Roger Goodell's "couches are dangerous" line but he's right about the future.

Here's some footage of the day's practice with Rob Thomas crooning in the background. There's something slightly too perfect about the song choice for Syracuse Football, I must say...