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Syracuse Football: More Roster Updates Feature New Faces, Position Changes

It's the hot topic of this week, as roster updates keep rolling in.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

More change for Syracuse Orange football, in a week where it seemed like we'd already had a lot of it. SU and Dino Babers announced six additions to the support staff this morning, Kenneth Ruff switched to defensive end, and Trey Dunkleberger and Antwan Cordy also solidified position changes.

That seemed like everything, but then we saw Syracuse's updated roster, including every player currently on campus.

First, the position changes:

Ervin Philips has been officially designated a running back/wide receiver, which sounds a whole lot like H-back/slot/hybrid/#EXPRESSBACK. We covered Erv's role a little on Tuesday, and this would fall into what was projected, though maybe with a bit more lining up at wideout.

Kenterius Womack seems entrenched at the wide receiver position now, with the switch confirmed on the team site.

The speedy Dontae Strickland moves to the "tight end" spot, which may turn into "inside receiver" (a role Babers had at Bowling Green) since the tight end spot's already crowded and Babers doesn't use tight ends much anyway.

Moe Neal, who seemed to fit a similar hybrid/slot role to Erv, has been assigned as a wide receiver for the time being.

Tyrone Perkins, who seems like he'd be more useful as a pure running back, also gets the "tight end" moniker that Strickland received. That seems odd because the two have some differing skill sets. But we'll wait and see what the spring brings.

UPDATE: Or maybe not?

A new face at kicker?

Alex Grossman joins the team as a walk-on this spring, and we'll see if he challenges Sterling Hofrichter and Cole Murphy at all. He's a senior from Long Island, and at the very least, provides a good depth option without using up a scholarship.

New players get numbers:

All the new guys get numbers. I don't believe any of the returning players changed numbers yet. But please flag if you think they did.

No. 15 Rex Culpepper

No. 19 Tyler Gilfus

No. 21 Moe Neal

No. 38 Alex Grossman

No. 45 Kenneth Ruff

UPDATE: Where art thou, Ben Lewis?

Wide receiver/hybrid Ben Lewis is absent from this list. He had another year, but he doesn't seem to be here. As many recall, he was effective, but also oft-injured. Hoping we get an update there, so we know what personnel looks like at wide receiver this spring and fall.

Never a dull moment for Syracuse football. Spring practice starts next week too, which means more updates coming as the team gets its first taste of real practices under Coach Babers.