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Dino Babers Warns Chain Crews To Be In Top Condition When Working Syracuse Games

#OrangeIsTheNewFast isn't just a hashtag, it's way of life for Syracuse football. Also for the people working Syracuse games.

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Remember what Dino Babers said when he was introduced as the new head coach of Syracuse Orange football?

"Close your eyes for me...Visualize this. You're in the Carrier Dome. Your house is filled. The feeling is electric. The noise is deafening. You have a defense that's relentless. You have a special teams that has been well-coached. You have an offense that will not huddle. And you have a game that's faster than you've ever seen on turf. Open your eyes. That's going to be a reality. That's going to be Syracuse football."

Turns out he wasn't just talking to the team and SU fans. He was talking about the people working Syracuse football games as well.

"I can't wait to see the guys who are going to be on our chain crew. I hope they stretch out before the game with the team because when they're moving those first downs I don't want them to pull a hammy because we don't have a backup. We don't have one back there that we can pull out of the drawer. I want to make sure that those guys can finish the game.

"I hope they didn't workout before. I hope they didn't go jogging the day of the game because they're going to be in a hell of a workout."

Babers chatted with NewsChannel 9's Steve Infanti about the upcoming season and his big plans for the program. Not only does he think SU will succeed, he thinks SU is a sleeping giant on par with the way Baylor went from basement dweller to national power.

"I just really believe that this place is a sleeping giant. It reminded me a lot of the Baylor program that I went and started with Art Briles. Everyone knows where they're at now and it was 17, 18 years of consecutive losing seasons [sic 14] and I thought the past history and past tradition of Syracuse were a lot stronger.

"I see this as something as maybe if we come in here and do it the right way and put a foundation on it, we can build a bridge from the old foundation to the new foundation, we can get this thing jumpstarted and back where everyone wants it to be."

I'll say this about Dino Babers...he's not afraid to set the bar high. Speaking of Baylor, Babers also sees similarities in terms of finding a place where he can set some roots and stay a while.

"I felt my other opportunities, if I was successful at them, would lead me to have to move again, and one thing I'm really tired of doing is moving.

"(Syracuse) reminded me of Baylor, a job where if we could come and turn it, it'd be a place where I never have to leave again. I like the size of this town. I love the Carrier Dome. I love the fact I'm going to be able to coach football games in a short-sleeve shirt regardless of what the weather is outside."

As with any college coach not named Jim Boeheim, best to take that with a grain of salt, but it's still nice to hear.

Finally, you can't have a Dino Babers interview without some movie talk and it looks like Dino's not too impressed with the ticket prices compared to Bowling Green's.

"I went to a movie house here in Syracuse, and the tickets are pretty steep based on some of the places I've been," Babers said. "I may have to slow my roll down a little bit. The popcorn was warm, which is always important."

He has, however, found his go-to place to hangout after the movies.

"I really like The Darkhorse. I'll slide in and out of The Darkhorse a lot. That's probably been my No. 1 go-to place. When in doubt, go to The Darkhorse," Babers said.

"I'm kind of like a hole-in-the-wall guy. You have a better chance of catching me in The Darkhorse or in the back of some movie than you do in some of the places that most people think they'd find me at."

Don't tempt Syracuse fans, Dino. They will camp out on a stool and wait all night for you.