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Jim Boeheim Sits Down With Seth Davis to Talk Suspension, Retirement & Much More

Jim Boeheim joins Seth Davis to talk about his playing days at Syracuse, retiring in 2018, his famous ejection against Duke in 2014 and why he never coached in the NBA.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange head basketball coach Jim Boeheim sat down with Seth Davis (eww) to talk about his playing days at Syracuse, his eventual retirement in 2018, his ejection against Duke in 2014 and why he never left SU for the NBA. It's a long one so carve out plenty of time. But it's definitly worth it.

Some highlights...

"I'm still getting grief for that on Twitter." - Seth on his Montana upset pick over Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament

Seth Davis bringing up the famous "Hawaii is just Syracuse in April July" quote but not knowing the actual context of it.

"It was a relief to be back because it was so hard to sit out. You're being in retirement without planning for retirement." - Boeheim on what it was like to come back after the suspension.

Boeheim on what it was like to grow up in a funeral home. "I've learned to accept death better than most people."

"Just be better than the other guys" - Boeheim's mom when he was concerned about playing with Dave Bing.

Boeheim on the NCAA violations...

"None of that matters to me, people are going to look at you as they will. I never broke an NCAA rule. I've been investigated for 12 years. If I was breaking rules, I would be concerned. I've never been found to have broken a rule in the first investigation or the second one. I feel comfortable that we have done things the right way. We've never had a recruiting violation in 40 years. Most schools don't even get investigated and we've been investigated for it."

"You don't get players on computers." - Boeheim on technology

"I hate losing more than I like winning. When we win a game I'm happy for about an hour and then I'm on to the next game. When we lose a game, I'm thinking about that game until the next game." - Boeheim

"Mike Tirico did my show as a sophomore and he still is a good friend of mine. He still gives me credit for helping him. A lot of people have left here and become the local TV anchor in Shreveport, Louisiana and said 'thanks, coach. I learned a lot from you.' When I give a press conference, there is 20 students sitting (right) there. That's the best classroom they are ever going to have." - Boeheim