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Syracuse Football: Homecoming Scheduled in September, for Orange vs. USF

Homecoming Orange Central is early this year.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

In past years, we've belabored the fact that Syracuse scheduled homecoming Orange Central late in October and always against a difficult opponent. Many years, the Orange's season was nearly toast by the time that game rolled around, and we were almost guaranteed a loss. Not exactly the type of atmosphere alumni are flocking back to campus for, despite the #BRAND cache one particular athletic director may have visualized upon scheduling.

A sampling of some recent, previous games:

2015: Loss to a 25th-ranked Pitt team on the final play.

2014: Undefeated Florida State runs all over Syracuse.

2013: Embarrassed by Clemson in a 35-point loss.

... you get the picture.

So it comes as at least a little bit of a surprise to hear that this year's homecoming Orange Central festivities will take place during the weekend of September 15 through September 18. Or for those of us mostly focused on the football aspect of all this: When the Syracuse Orange take on the USF Bulls.

Now, that's not necessarily the "easy" opponent you're looking for when inviting alums back. But when you look at the schedule for Syracuse this year, it's difficult to find a team we're head-and-shoulders better than, save Colgate. And since you don't want homecoming Orange Central on opening weekend, options are indeed slim. Nothing wrong with scheduling the Bulls, especially in September, despite the fact they could present a challenge. As you'll recall, SU suffered a bummer of a loss to USF down in Tampa last fall. But with a new regime in place, perhaps a different outcome is in order this fall.


So make your plans now -- especially if you live somewhere (like Los Angeles or Seattle...) that doesn't fly directly to Syracuse. And thank the administration for at least giving you a better chance to see a win this year.