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Jim Boeheim: '[Orange] Don't Have Room for Error With Two Guys Having Bad Nights'

Find out what Jim Boeheim had to say about Syracuse's bad road loss to the Cards.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim has plenty to say about the Syracuse Orange's 72-58 loss to the Louisville Cardinals on Wednesday night. He was fairly subdued but still disappointed.

On what happened with the younger guys like Tyler Lydon and Malachi Richardson:

"Tyler's played great. You know, he couldn't get the ball in the basket. Malachi's played great. They were 4-for-16. They've been good. They've been very good as far as freshman. They've been very consistent and they had a bad night. And we don't have room for error with two guys having bad nights like that...Tyler Roberson never could seem to get to the ball tonight. He was like a step late on everything and did not do a good job on the boards at all."

On what went wrong in general:

"I thought we got some opportunites and you miss six free throws in the first half and you miss three layups. You can't do that if you're playing on the road. This is really our first bad road game. [Ed. Note - Don't tell him about the St John's game] We played very well on the road at Wake Forest, then Duke, Boston College. And we played very well at Virginia...We just had a bad night tonight. First half was just a little bit better than the second half but not a lot."

On Frank Howard's performance.

"You know, he helps us with getting the ball up the court, he jsut has trouble defensively and he has trouble getting something where he can score. He's got to work on that. He's got to learn about that."

On whether or not the interior defense regressed:

"A lot of offensive rebounds. Our interior defense isn't great. We forced them to take a little bit tougher shots in the first half and they missed that in-between shot. In the second half they really still missed it, but they got it back. That was probably the difference."