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This Syracuse Football T-Shirt Isn't Gonna Spell It Out For You

TNIAAM's latest addition to the The Great Syracuse T-shirt Collection is a riddle wrapped inside a question nestled in a box of quandaries.

You've got a lot of Syracuse Orange t-shirts. We know. We've got too many of them too.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep making them. Lord knows it won't stop Manny's.

So for the newest addition to the SU fan collection, we thought it was high time that we dedicate a shirt to the new era of Syracuse Football. A shirt that shines a light on the here and now and how it's time...time for...something.

We're not going to say it because if we were to make a t-shirt with a certain person's name on it, well, that'd be grounds for a cease & desist now, wouldn't it? That's not this shirt. This's know.

dino babers time

Much like the name of this blog, it's a code. A code that tells other Syracuse fans that you know what's up. You know what time it is. And you know what happens next...

Check out that and the other TNIAAM shirts in our shoppe. The extra -e means it's fancy.