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Syracuse Fans, Help Eric Devendorf Help the People of Flint

While the world is awash in stories of terrible stuff these days, surely the situation of Flint, Michigan hasn't escaped your radar. Whatever the politics are doesn't really matter, what matters is that tons of people in Flint have been exposed to toxic levels of lead from drinking water from aging pipes. Thousands of children have been affected, many of whom are going to have medical problems if they don't already. Some have even died from Legionnaires' disease that may have been caused by the dirty water as well.

While the state drags its feet to help people, former Syracuse Orange player Eric Devendorf is doing what he can to help. Devon hails from Bay City, just 45 minutes away from Flint, and he's joining forces with youth basketball CMB Basketball for a charity basketball game that will raise money for those affected.

Per the GoFundMe page they've set up, they're trying to raise $50K to help.

All proceeds go to give Flint resident clean water NOW. We are partnering with company who has filtering units that clean the lead from the water. This will help 500 Flint residents to be able to take showers and also cook with the tap water they are being charged to use. The company is donating 500 units. CMB Basketball is going to use the money raise to purchase 2 filters per unit to provide 1.5 years of clean water.

Even if they don't reach that goal, they'll still the money donated so every little bit helps.

As for the game itself, it takes place Saturday, February 20 and will feature not only Devo but also former Orange Mookie Jones as well as a bunch more talented basketball players, not to mention an appearance by Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram. They'll be raising money at the event as well.

Devo appeared on OTL over the weekend to talk about Flint and what's going on. He's also made the rounds on radio as well to talk about what's going on.

Donate to the cause here if you can.