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Syracuse Basketball: Jim Boeheim Very Impressed With The Fan Turnout in Boston

"When I looked around, there had to be 6,000 Syracuse people here today. It was quite a show."

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It takes a lot to impress Jim Boeheim. Just ask Kaleb Joseph.

So when the Syracuse Orange head man takes a moment to recognize the power of Orange Nation in the crowd on Sunday for the Boston College game, you know he must be feeling good about his fanbase (3:25 spot in video).

"We always get people here and we always have but there was really a lot of people here today. I think it was like 75 percent or something...When we played the tournament here, the year we got out of here, it was all Syracuse. I was flabber-...I was shocked. And today was the same thing. I noticed it early and then during, well, you shouldn't be thinking about those things anyway. Then when I looked around, there had to be 6,000 Syracuse people here today. It was quite a show. We have great fans. They follow us wherever we go. If they can get tickets, they come."

I will always say, for as much as we gripe about Syracuse Football attendance, there is a special relationship between SU fans and the basketball program that transcends it all. Considering SU fans led the nation in attendance during a season in which they knew for a fact their team wouldn't go to the postseason still seems insane. And awesome.

Sure, attendance is down a bit this year but maybe not having Boeheim there took the wind out of our sails. Considering how we showed up on Sunday, looks like the number of people in orange rooting for them at games is one issue the team won't have to worry about moving forward.