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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. Florida State/Bubble Watch

John and Dan talk basketball, more basketball and some football too... and beer.

After an extended break, Syracuse basketball is back on the court. Or they were last night, but we're only publishing this podcast the morning after.

In this week's episode, John Cassillo and Dan Lyons discuss Syracuse and Florida State in a way that doesn't make you want to skip it after the fact. There's also NCAA Tournament bubble talk and football too. Some of the larger talking points:

  • Discussing Syracuse's ridiculous break and the upcoming schedule
  • Is this an NCAA Tournament bubble play-in game?
  • Why Kentucky and Duke could be dangerous lower seeds this year
  • Assessing Gabe Sherrod's potential impact for football
  • Getting mad at Iowa State again, just like they always do
  • Taking both Syracuse and Louisville to task a little bit
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast is just under an hour long. It's a lot of basketball, with some football mixed in at at the end.

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