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Syracuse Basketball: Wait, what?

Seriously, what?

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports




What the fuck is going on?

Seriously. This isnt one of those posts where I posit questions and then answer them because I’m a smartass.

I legitimately do not know.

I do not know how this Syracuse Orange team is doing so poorly. I mean, I DO know, but I also don’t know.

Real talk, when I predicted SU Football would go 5-7 this past season, I really wanted to say 4-8 but I didn’t want to be a dick. I rounded up to make people feel better. When I predicted the SU basketball team would make it back to the Final Four, I really meant it. I really figured this team was talented enough and good enough.

Sure, we lost to Wisconsin on the road and South Carolina in Brooklyn but we lost to Wisconsin and St. John’s away from the Dome last year, too. And look how that turned out.

But couple that with the UConn loss. And the Georgetown loss. And now an absolutely embarassing St. John’s loss in the Dome. And realize this team has zero quality wins. And realize that all of the depth and senior leadership in the world doesn’t seem to mean anything. And...again...what the fuck?

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We should have known, I guess, as soon as Boeheim said this team was going to be good. That was a red flag and we tried to deny it. We kept looking at things on paper. Grad transfers looking to showcase themselves to NBA scouts. A sophmore ready to break out. The deepest SU bench in years. It all looked too good to fail.

But oh my god it is failing.

Like I said, this is usually the part where I say “but this is why XYZ...” But I’ve got no XYZ. I’ve got nothing. I’m looking to you to fill me in. What is going on? How do we fix this? Can this be fixed in time to save this season? Can we possibly find out way back to a 10-seed in the NCAA Tournament again or should we read the writing on the wall?

I NEED AN ADULT TO TELL ME. Cause, for real, I don’t know what’s going on anymore.