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Syracuse women’s basketball reveals modern script uniforms


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via Syracuse women’s basketball Instagram

For years, Syracuse Orange basketball fans have been pining for a return to the classic script wordmark that formerly donned SU’s jerseys. It’s not the current jerseys worn by the men’s and women’s teams alike are bad. They’re just a bit... boring. And really don’t vary much from other Nike design templates. We have a unique history and character. Why not embrace it a bit?

The women’s team appears to have gotten the memo.

Breaking out the new road uniforms today at the Florida Sunshine Classic. #OrangeCollar

A video posted by Syracuse Women's Basketball (@cusewbb) on

The Instagram post above fails to tell us whether these will be the permanent road jerseys, or just a road jersey rotated into what the Orange already wear. While Jim Boeheim has typically hated alternate uniforms, women’s coach Quentin Hillsman has shown himself much less opposed during his tenure (including the unfortunate use of PLATINUM).

Coming on the heels of the Syracuse men wearing alternate script jerseys against Georgetown on Saturday, are we potentially getting a teaser to a full re-brand for the men’s and women’s basketball programs? The modern touches make this more than just a throwback, and the designs of the women’s uniform above mimic the Nike Elite pattern currently used by other schools (including Duke).

If new uniforms are coming, they might not wait until next year to roll them out, either. When SU transitioned to the current “system of dress” uniforms in early 2007, they were put onto the court right away. That original design has changed a bit in the nine years since, but the basics have stayed the same. The Orange have typically switched up their jerseys with far more frequency than that, so... it would stand to reason that they’ll finally be making a move this year.

Cross your fingers here. What do we think of the new women’s jerseys?