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John Gillon: ‘If you miss a shot you're terrible...If you make a shot, then you're Jesus Christ’

The Syracuse guard talks about Twitter trolls and haters

Brooklyn Hoops Holiday Invitational - Syracuse v South Carolina Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Social media has been a wonderful way for fans to connect directly with players and coaches that they love. It’s also been a terrible way for fans to connect directly with the players and coaches they are upset with.

Every fanbase has it’s crappy members and many of them like to spend their time during and after losses berating players on their “favorite” team just because they can.

John Gillon has been getting the brunt of that love recently as he’s struggled to find his place in the Syracuse Orange system. He recently spoke his mind on Twitter on the matter.

Now, as one commenter put it, “you have to deal with it. Comes with the territory.” That’s true, but that also doesn’t get people off the hook for being dicks to a college student who is playing his ass off for your entertainment.

Gillon expanded on those comments and his thoughts on haters in a recent chat with reporters.

"If you miss a shot you're terrible and you suck. If you make a shot, then you're Jesus Christ. I'm just trying to figure out what people gain from being so hateful.

"It doesn't really bother me, though. I didn't want it to come across like that. I actually think it's funny. You would trade to be me. You would trade to be that person being hated on in a second, instead of being the person doing the hating. I’m not coming to my phone during halftime, like, ‘Oh, @name I never played basketball in my life before, said I need to do this. So I’m gonna go make an adjustment for him.

If I really suck, we can meet anytime and play one-on-one. I can't bet any money, but I'll be done with college after this. If you guys want to play me for a car note after the season's over, we can play if you feel that way. If you don't, I wouldn't Tweet me anymore.

"Things can only distract you if you let it. I try to take the approach of being mentally strong. ... I was trying to avoid distractions and negativity but I thought, that's the coward's approach. That's not me. I've never let someone's words bother me. I'm copping out if I let them win."

“You would trade to be that person being hated on in a second.” John Gillon speaks truth and explains why those people do it in the first place.