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Syracuse Basketball: So what are we gonna do for Jim Boeheim’s 1,000th* win?

Shove it, NCAA

Tire Pros Classic - Connecticut v Syracuse Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

As the NCAA gives North Carolina and Louisville the shoulder shrug over violations you could easily argue were worse than anything that happened at Syracuse, the only real punishment that will have been handed down to any of those schools will have been in the form of vacating Syracuse’s wins. Specifically, vacating 101 wins from Jim Boeheim’s all-time record.

Forcing Syracuse to give up scholarships and making Boeheim miss nine game might seem like the harshest punishments but the Orange weathered those storm about as well as a program can, getting to the Final Four last season. Any other effects from the NCAA sanctions might seem tough on paper but they haven’t done much to actually affect anything.

But then there’s those wins. Let’s face it, taking away those wins stings. You know it bothers the hell out of Boeheim, and he’s made that clear on more than one occasion.

So technically, Boeheim currently sits at 884 all-time victories (unless you include the four wins under Mike Hopkins’ watch and then he’s at 888). In reality, he’s at 991 all-time. That means 1,000* is coming pretty soon (I mean, at least we hope it is).

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney has been keeping track of “Real Boeheim Wins” on Twitter this season and has called for SU to honor Jimmy B when we get to 1,000.

Of course, it’s probable that Syracuse will go radio silent if and when Boeheim notches that 1,000th* win because they don’t want to attract the ire of the NCAA. So it’s more likely up to us as fans to sound the feasting horn.

Looking ahead, it seems pretty doable for Boeheim to get that 1,000th* win sometime in the late January. Syracuse hosts Wake Forest on January 24 and Florida State on January 28, so we might want to hope for one of those games to be the big one.

If Boeheim’s 1,000th* does come in the Carrier Dome, what do we do? If I could be so bold, I’ve love to suggest a few things:

  • The obvious choice is to have the entire arena do a “Win One Thou-sand” clap clap clap-clap-clap chant. That seems like common sense.
  • Fans should come prepared (Hi, Otto’s Army) with signs, Big Heads, plaid coats, and any anything else we can wave like crazy in the air. Basically, instead of waiting for the Dome to tell us it’s a theme night, SU fans need to hijack it for themselves.
  • Rush the court (nicely, courteously, and without malice). It’d be a little FU to the NCAA and show Boeheim that even if it’s “just another home game,” it’s a special night meant to be celebrated and remembered.
  • Ask for a curtain call. Don’t go home right away. Keep cheering and chanting Boeheim’s name until he’s forced to return to the court to wave to the crowd and take in the moment. Don’t let anyone downplay this moment. Not even him.
  • Create a tifo in the upper deck. Talk to some soccer fans and figure out how we can roll out one of those massive banners with Boeheim’s mug all over it. Pair it with a song (“He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” or something corny like that). Refuse to not be noticed.

That should get the conversation started but what else can Orange fans do to call attention to the 1,000th when it finally happens (in the Dome)? It’ll be here before you know it.