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#DixonForNFLMVP: Broncos finally remember they have Riley Dixon

Riley reminds everyone that he’s the best at everything.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

If people were smart, a Riley Dixon fake punt would be the most predictable play in the world. They’ve have it snuffed out because it’s the only logical decision that makes sense when Riley Dixon is on the field. That Riley continues to punt more than he fakes is a testament to his consideration for his fellow man.

Riley Dixon doesn’t need to constantly show you how much better he is than you. He just is. And you know it.

Dixon reminded everyone of that on Sunday when the Denver Broncos lined up to punt against the Tennessee Titans. Riley, being Riley, did Riley things

(content removed)

Look at the velocity and precision on that thing. The Broncos didn’t quite take advantage of it as they should have, eventually losing the game, but there’s only so much Riley Dixon can do. I mean, you could let him be the quarterback because he should be, but, like I said, that’s if people were smart.