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Syracuse vs. Clemson: Orange wearing blue helmets, white jerseys, blue pants

Uniforms don’t matter much. Still have some thoughts here, though...

Back in August, the Clemson Tigers announced they’d be wearing purple this week for Military Appreciation Day. We wondered if the Syracuse Orange would take that as an opportunity to finally wear some orange against Clemson.

They would not, it ends up.

Syracuse will wear altered blue helmets, white jerseys and blue pants this afternoon — the first time the blue/white/blue combination will be put into use. It’s been an annual sticking point here that the Orange fail to wear much, if any orange against the other ACC team that lays a very serious claim to the color (there are others that utilize of course). Since this annual series started in 2013, the Orange have never worn an orange uniform elements vs. the Tigers:

  • 2013 (old uniform set): blue/blue/blue
  • 2014: white/white/white
  • 2015: blue/blue/blue

To us, it’s a missed opportunity to stand out and own our color #BRAND on national television a bit. But ultimately, the uniforms don’t matter much. As we discussed when the PLATINUM set returned, if you win, everything looks better. Lose, and it’s easy to to hate whatever uniform you end up utilizing.

Syracuse last wore these altered blue helmets with the white facemask in the loss to Notre Dame earlier this season. The white jerseys were in use last week in the win over Boston College. We last saw the blue pants in the loss to Wake Forest.

The Orange are 1-3 with blue helmets (0-1 with white facemask), 4-8 in the white jerseys and 2-4 in the blue pants since the start of 2014.


Hate this look? Like it? Don’t care? Share your thoughts below.