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Syracuse basketball media guide provides specifics on vacated wins

Didn’t think we’d ever find out this info, but... here we are.

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We’ve known for some time now that the Syracuse Orange basketball program would be vacating 101 wins following the NCAA’s investigations into impermissible benefits and academic issues. Last month, we found out which 101 wins those were, exactly. This month, SU’s media guide lets us know which players are specifically involved in each vacated win.

Over on, Chris Carlson goes through the names and issues for each of the games. He also speaks with former Orange forward Terrence Roberts, who is named for 45 of the vacated wins. As Robert tells Carlson:

A quick list of players and wins vacated, provided by the media guide:

  • Billy Edelin (YMCA payments): 15 wins from 2004-2005
  • Terrence Roberts (YMCA payments): 45 wins from 2005-2007
  • Mookie Jones (academic ineligibility): seven wins from 2010-2011
  • Mookie Jones, Fab Melo, Dion Waiters (academic ineligibility): 34 wins from 2011-2012

Jim Boeheim gave a quick statement to about the disclosures in the media guide:

We had a feeling about which players well before this (especially when it came to Edelin and Melo), but yeah, I’d have to say I didn’t really NEED to know any of this in order to receive closure on the situation. Boeheim implies above that they “have to” be identified, which... is that true? At this point, what’s done is done. But very curious if the NCAA’s punishments outline Syracuse needing to identify the players involved.

For what it’s worth, Roberts feels the same way you do about all of this:


Give Carlson’s full piece a read, as it has a lot more details than we provide above around Roberts, Edelin, YMCA payments and the academic issues. Also notable: the drug charges had nothing to do with any of the vacated games.