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Syracuse Basketball: John Gillon still learning what an offense is

What is you say...offense?

SU Athletics

In Syracuse’s exhibition win over IUP on Tuesday, grad transfer John Gillon played well, dishing out nine assists to two turnovers and providing a nice change of pace off the bench. You’ll have to excuse John if he doesn’t set the world on fire right away. Despite the fact that he’s a veteran, he’s still learning what this thing called an offense is.

"We didn't have an offense at Colorado State. It was basically pass and cut and in the last 10 seconds, I would get the ball and try to make a play. So having plays and more of a structure, for me, is an adjustment.''

"It's a whole new situation,'' Boeheim said. "Colorado State doesn't play offense. They're a defensive team. So he's got to learn a whole new system. Even though he's a veteran, he's never played this.''

I’m having trouble understanding how Colorado State won one basketball game last season.

Gillon is not only getting up to speed on whatever an offense is but he’s also doing it at point guard. That’s can be the easiest position or the toughest position to learn in, depending on the situation.

"I feel like I'm a good transition player,'' said Gillon, "getting it out and getting my teammates involved, using my speed to get in the lane. I'm playing with great athletes, so I can just throw it up and they finish the plays for me.''

Still, Boeheim didn’t have anything bad to say about Gillon’s muted performance this week. Better to fly under the radar and learn instead of trying to do too much.

"He made a couple things happen. He's got to look for that three. He had that. He was conservative tonight. That's good. He did a good job.''

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