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Otto the Orange & Sean talk it out in NunesMagician’s first commercials

Just two college buddies catching up.

While I was back at Syracuse University a couple weeks ago, I ran into an old friend of mine. His name is Otto the Orange, but you can call him Otto the Orange.

We caught up. We reminisced about the old days. We discussed how things used to be and how they could be once more. But most of all we just hung out like the pals we were when we were buddies at SU.

I didn’t realize this at the time but there were apparantly cameras trained on us for a couple of those moments. When I was presented with this information, I knew I had two choices.

I could pay whatever ransom the videographers wanted to make sure these chilling visions would never see the light of day. Or I could just slap a TNIAAM logo on them and use them to line my pockets with sweet, sweet blog money.

And so, I give you the first-ever TNIAAM commercials. Thanks to Julie Huynh and Otto for helping make these happen. They’re silly and dumb, but then again so is this site.