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Syracuse football wearing standard road uniform set at Pittsburgh

Just a quick news update for you while you’re taking a break from arguing with your family...

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange announced this week’s uniform set for the regular season finale at the Pittsburgh Panthers. And surprisingly, in a season of first-time combinations, it ends up being one we’re familiar with.

I’d call this the “standard” road set, despite Syracuse only wearing it twice before. It still gets across the point that we’re the Orange, and the white uniforms are never really a bad look.

Syracuse last wore this combination at NC State last year, as you likely gathered from the lead photo. Additionally, they wore it at Florida State last year. Both of those games were losses, which should not surprise. Since the start of 2014, SU’s 6-15 in orange helmets, 4-9 in white jerseys, and 5-7 in orange pants.

On the season, Syracuse has managed to wear 12 different uniform combinations — one for each game. There are still combinations out there that we haven’t seen, though most of them involve PLATINUM. Hopefully we keep those unseen.


It’s unlikely there are any more updates today here on the site. Happy Thanksgiving, all! And hope you enjoy time with friends, family and food (and some non-Syracuse football). We’ll see you back here tomorrow.