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Please don’t ask John Gillon to dunk or shovel your driveway

The grad transfer can dunk but he really needs an ice scraper right about now

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We’re still in a bit of a learning phase when it comes to Syracuse Orange grad transfer John Gillon. We’re getting to know him and he’s getting to know what’s it like to live in Syracuse, NY.

Despite the fact that he’s listed at 6’0” in the media guide, Gillon more likely checks in a little smaller than that. Couple that with how he looks when he’s standing next to guys like Tyler Lydon and DaJuan Coleman and you might wonder if he’s able to get to the rim for a breakaway dunk if the situation calls for it. Until he actually did it towards the end of the South Carolina State game, some Orange fans remained unsure.

"Some people think I can't dunk. Somebody on Twitter put up 'Can John Gillon dunk?' I was kind of offended by that. I've been dunking since I was like 16."

Looks like The Fizz might have been the offending culprit.

At least most people thought he could.

"They always tell me to dunk on fast breaks. They say 'Oh, you only get one dunk this year.' And I say, 'No I won't. I'll get more, trust me.' I just saw my opportunity and I took it."

At least one person wasn’t impressed with the effort, however.

“It was a little weak,” White said. “He talk about the 40-inch vertical. It was a rim-grazer.”


So we know that Gillon can dunk. But can he handle the snowpocalyptic conditions of Syracuse? That appears to be a bit more of a challenge.

You can understand, given that Gillon comes to us from tropical Colorado.