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Syracuse football recruiting: Orange move up to 44th in Scout rankings

Periodic check-ins don’t matter, unless you’re ranked 44th.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As we point out repeatedly, recruiting rankings aren’t the end-all be-all of a football program. Though they can also provide some insights about the momentum of where one is headed — provided the coaching is there as well. So take today’s Syracuse Orange news from Scout with a grain of salt:

That’s all well and good, and congrats to those guys for getting further, deserved notoriety. Based on the other offers and interest several of them were receiving prior to the upgrade, it only made sense that the talent was there to be considered a three-star player. But again, these rankings don’t matter mu—

Never mind, we’re 44th!!!!

Despite middling football returns for nearly 15 years now, the one thing Syracuse fans can all agree upon is an emphasis on 44-related things. By the time you read this article, that ranking may have changed. Luckily, it’s saved for posterity above. We’re 44th, and we’re going to tell everyone all about it.


But seriously, though, before we step into a fever dream about this class and the teams it’s ranked above or below, there are plenty of caveats to be had here. At 20 players already, SU has one of the larger classes in that part of the rankings, so it won’t take much for schools like Stanford and TCU to surpass us. A lot of top prospects also haven’t even committed yet, so those will weigh heavily on many of the top classes, too.

On the positive side, however, there’s also considerations to be had for Dino Babers going for fit over stars. He’s proven at previous stops that the fit for his system is a more valuable asset than the arbitrary star rating. So despite a two-star rating for a recruit like Russell Thompson-Bishop, we know that the speed he displays is a valuable commodity in this Orange offense and will pay off more than a sure-handed three- or four-star kid, theoretically.

Despite that same “stars aren’t everything” outlook above, Tommy DeVito’s still a three-star according to Scout, while he’s a four-star on most other boards.


Happy? Apathetic? Just glad we got to talk about 44-related things for a bit, while relating it all back to recruiting? Share your thoughts and/or gripes below.