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Syracuse vs. Pitt: Depth chart has fun with “or” distinctions

... and that’s really it.

North Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange’s Monday depth chart release is largely uneventful, and rarely indicative of ALL the players we see on the field in a given week. That could end up being the case once again, based on what we see today:

SU’s slight changes vs. the Pittsburgh Panthers, as the title points out, are confined to the “or” distinctions and little else. Austin Wilson is no longer listed as an “or” at quarterback, and Eric Dungey is once again the first passer listed, along with Zack Mahoney. Alvin Cornelius earns himself an “OR” at one of the two outside receiver spots. He’ll share the role with Steve Ishmael, who hasn’t caught a pass in three weeks now (he was sidelined for one of those games).

Everything else is the same for Syracuse. As Sean mentioned before, let’s avoid playing Dungey in this one given the state of the offensive line.