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Taurean Thompson got precautionary X-rays after Syracuse win

Everyone’s pretty optimistic here, so we will be too for the time being...

NCAA Basketball: Monmouth-NJ at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In the closing minutes of the Syracuse Orange’s 71-50 win over the Monmouth Hawks, SU’s Taurean Thompson clutched his left foot and ankle. After a quick scoring play, he appeared to land wrong, and was then helped off the court by the Orange training staff.

He told afterward:

Thompson was spotted with crutches afterward, but that was largely to keep weight off the ankle. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim did say he was walking on it a bit post-game, however.

The X-rays, performed at a local hospital last night, were thought to be precautionary in nature, just to gauge the extent of the injury (if any).

Thompson’s late fall temporarily put a dark cloud over what was a positive game for him vs. the Hawks. In just 13 minutes on the floor, he scored 12 points on six shots. Boeheim was none too complimentary of his defensive efforts, though:

It’s early, but despite the polish Thompson’s shown in his time on the court, he appears to be an early candidate for this year’s doghouse. Obviously that’s not death knell either. Plenty of players, including current senior Tyler Roberson, have weathered worse in the doghouse only to come out better on the other side.


There’s no timetable on when we’ll hear about Thompson’s ankle, but fingers crossed it’s nothing major and he’s ready to go for the next game. SU plays South Carolina State at the Carrier Dome on Tuesday, November 22.