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Syracuse vs. Florida State: First 20,000 fans Saturday get Floyd Little bobblehead

You probably want one of these on principle alone.

Typically you learn about big promotional items a little bit further in advance than the week of a game. Nonetheless, as announced yesterday, if you’re among the first 20,000 fans at this Saturday’s Syracuse Orange vs. Florida State Seminoles football game, you’ll receive a free Floyd Little bobblehead.

No specifics on the “mini” aspects of the figurine, but it certainly looks large enough to be the highlight of your desk area at home or at the office. The emphasis on Little’s contributions as one of the school’s most important “44s” is a nice touch -- though I wouldn’t have complained if the bobblehead was dancing Floyd either. Y’know, planning for aspirational touchdowns and all...

If you weren’t already planning on getting there early, here’s a larger motivation to do so. Fans who receive a Floyd bobblehead, go ahead and post here in the comments Saturday, or tweet at @NunesMagician. We’ll try to share some of the best photos -- including whatever image Sean posts of him and Floyd enjoying the game in-person.

(Oh, in case you forgot, Sean’s going to be on campus this weekend. So if you’re near SU, go find him there. If not, you’re stuck here with me. Sorry.)