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15 things you should not do to Stephen Amell if you see him at a Syracuse game

If you see Arrow star and SU fan Stephen Amell at a game, please remember the rules.

Stephen Amell

1. Do not headbutt him.

2. Do not force him to pose for pictures. Dude just wants to watch the Syracuse Orange just like everyone else.

3. Do not make him feel awkward cause you know who he is. He does not know who you are.

4. Do not headbutt him. Ever.

5. Do not sit down next to him without asking permission. That’s weird.

6. Do not hound him for an autograph. He’s probably there with his friends. Besides, what are you going to do with that autograph?

7. Do not ask him why he didn’t petition the makers of Arrow to call him The Orange Arrow and make his costume orange. That is not possible.

8. Do not ask him to intervene when Syracuse is getting beaten on the field because “only he can save us.”

9. Do not headbutt him. This is important.

10. Do not ask him if he knows The Flash. Of course he knows The Flash.

11. Do not offer to buy him Dome nachos or a Dome Dog. He’s wealthy. He can afford to buy his own Dome Dogs.

13. Do not yell “YO ARROW, WHAT’S UP BRO!” when you see him from across the Quad. That’s not his actual name. He is not actually your brother.

14. Do not start a “Stephen Amell” chant. You’ll only confuse the olds.

15. Do not, and we really can’t overstate this one enough, headbutt him. If nothing else, follow this one rule.