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Babers declining to answer if Dungey’s injury is career ending isn’t a big deal

Everyone, CALM DOWN!

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange football coach Dino Babers declined to comment on if starting quarterback Eric Dungey’s injury is potentially career ending while speaking with the media on Monday – and everyone should stop freaking out about it.

While having a coach elect to not confirm nor deny such a question may be troublesome for some Syracuse fans who have followed Dungey’s brief injury-riddled career – which includes missing four games last season due to two concussions – it isn’t the ominous scenario it may appear to be.

Babers previously said Dungey is “probably doubtful” for Saturday’s game against Florida State and later on Monday added the sophomore quarterback will seek a second opinion on his injury. However, being “probably doubtful” for one game, and having your entire career be in jeopardy are two very different scenarios.

Babers could have squashed any doomsday-like talk but instead opted to not confirm nor deny Dungey’s career could be over.

However, before we spiral into mass hysteria, let’s dive deeper and breakdown Babers’ exact response to the question – Is there any thought Dungey’s injury might be career ending? – he was asked.

“I don't want to speculate, especially when it comes to someone in our family.”

This is a very fair point. Babers has repeatedly been one to keep anything medical and players’ health related close to the chest and rely on his medical staff’s opinion rather than his own. Why speculate on someone’s career when you don’t even have all the information yet.

“Eric is a special individual. I think he's earned the right for us to not talk about his business publicly, and to let the doctors handle it and then tell us exactly what's going on.”

Babers is one that values his players’ privacy to the extent where he’ll refuse to confirm nearly anything injury-related. While this is frustrating at times from a media-perspective, it is most likely respected and applauded by his players. In addition, Babers once again cites his reluctance to comment until he receives all the information from the medical staff.

“I know everyone in the Syracuse community wants nothing but the best for that young man. His mom, his brother and all that stuff — we want what's best for him.”

Did you see Austin Wilson against Clemson and Zack Mahoney against NC State? OF COURSE we all want Dungey to be healthy. On a more serious note, it is also obvious no one would want Dungey to be rushed back into action and risk suffering an even more dangerous injury.

“So let's let the doctors figure it out and then whatever they tell us to do, we'll do.”

Yet again, Babers isn’t saying Dungey’s injury is career ending, he is simply refusing to comment until he gets an appropriate recommendation from the doctors.

Let’s also remember if Dungey did suffer his third career concussion when he was initially forced to leave Syracuse’s loss to Clemson on Nov. 5, it is highly unlikely doctors would have allowed him to return to the sidelines and watch the rest of the game in street clothes, due to the bright lights and loud noises that typically accompany a college football game.

The fact Babers said Dungey is receiving a second opinion on his injury and the fact he won’t comment on a question about Dungey’s career potentially being in jeopardy doesn’t necessarily mean Dungey’s career is actually in jeopardy.

So everyone should simply take a chill pill before we all get up in arms and end up turning into a hysterical mob with pitchforks and burning Austin Wilson jerseys (if anyone legitimately purchased those).

Cool? Cool.