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Good news! Florida State is No. 17 so they’re guaranteed to lose to Syracuse

The No. 17 team loses every week. It’s science.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t a lot to be excited about as Syracuse Orange football fans this upcoming weekend. The Orange have lost two in a row and are now on the precipice of bowl eligibility. They’re welcoming the Florida State Seminoles to the Carrier Dome for a game they’re sure to be heavily-favored in. Chances are Eric Dungey won’t be playing and many more SU players are lining the sidelines with injuries. There doesn’t seem to be any sign that the Orange have a shot.

Except...FSU is ranked No. 17 in the AP Poll this week. And that means, 100 percent, that Syracuse will defeat FSU on Saturday.

Don’t believe me? Let me hit you up with some facts: A team ranked No. 17 in either the Coaches Poll, Associated Press Poll or the College Football Playoff ranking has lost every single week so far in the 2016 season. That includes No. 17 Virginia Tech, who lost to Syracuse a few weeks back.

Per CFB Reddit...

Week 1 - #17 USC lost to #1 Alabama 52-6 (Coaches Poll)

Week 2 - #17 Oklahoma State lost to Central Michigan 30-27 (Coaches Poll)

Week 3 - #17 Ole Miss lost to #1 Alabama 48-43 (Coaches Poll)

Week 4 - #17 Arkansas lost to #10 Texas A&M 45-24 (AP Poll)

Week 5 - #17 Michigan State lost to Indiana 24-21 (AP Poll)

Week 6 - #17 North Carolina lost to #25 Virginia Tech 34-3 (AP Poll)

Week 7 - #17 Virginia Tech lost to Syracuse 31-17 (AP Poll)

Week 8 - #17 Arkansas lost to #21 Auburn 56-3 (AP Poll)

Week 9 - #17 Utah lost to #4 Washington 31-24 (AP Poll)

Week 10- #17 Baylor lost to TCU 62-22 (CFP Rankings)

Week 11- #17 North Carolina lose to Duke 28-27 (CFP Rankings)

Sure, we can haggle over how the curse hasn’t always worked as per what the AP Poll says but that’s a minor disagreement. The fact is the number 17 is next to Florida State’s name this week and that means they’re going down. End of story.

Prepare the champagne and book the flights to Birmingham now.