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Second half thread: NC State 14, Syracuse 10

No Dungey, some problems...

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange announced shortly before kickoff that Eric Dungey would not appear in today’s game against the NC State Wolfpack. Zack Mahoney got the start instead, and SU made quick work of the Pack defense for a touchdown.

Since that initial drive, however... things haven’t turned out all that well for the Orange. They trail 14-10 at half, though gained some defensive momentum late with a big interception in the end zone, and another pick to close out the second quarter.

Mahoney led a pretty efficient attack on the game’s first drive, though he ceded the offense to Austin Wilson and Dontae Strickland once the Orange got near the red zone. Strickland would end up scoring on third and four from 10 yards out. Mahoney, while he did well on that drive, is 9-for-12 for 88 yards and a pick. The only other score was a 48-yard field goal from Cole Murphy.

Defensively, Syracuse had a few moments of quality play early, including a turnover on downs and a forced punt. Since then, however, State scored two touchdowns and an end zone interception was the only thing stopped SU from being down 21-10. The Orange did manage to get some quality hits on both of the Wolfpack’s quarterbacks. Ryan Finley left the game with an injury in the second quarter and Jalan McClendon appeared to take a very big hit on the final throw of the half as well.

Syracuse deferred, so they’ll get the ball at the start of the third quarter. The offense needs to find a way to adjust after being shut down for much of the second. SU has just 100 yards and has held the ball for just nine minutes. They’ve run just 25 plays — a season low for the first half.

Leave your second half comments here. And pray SU can put something together on offense...