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Stupid idiot prognosticators... you just made The List

Do you get the feeling this List is going to keep growing this season?

Gonzaga v Syracuse
What are you idiots thinking?
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Look, we told you last week that the apologies were finished. If you thought that we were going to stop with the other ACC schools, you were sadly mistaken. The next group that just made “The List” is the people who get paid to be college basketball experts, but in reality as stupid idiots like the rest of us.

*Chris Jericho voice*

We’ll start with these CBS Sports predictions. Gary Parrish, you’ll get a pass for now, but don’t think for a second that we won’t hesitate to come back to you later in the year. Your colleagues on the other hand should be embarrassed by what they’ve committed to in that article. Matt Norlander has the Cuse 7th, which is bad enough, but then you see he has NC State and Miami at 3 and 4 which just means he might be the King Idiot over there. Chip Patterson and Jerry Palm both put the Orange 8th in their predictions. Let that sink in a little bit Syracuse fans....because let me tell you something else.....deep breath now....Palm puts the Virginia Tech Hokies ahead of the Orange. We’ll hear more about the Hokies later, but maybe the sweat from Buzz’s bald head has blinded some of these idiot experts.

We’ve known that Joey Brackets was a stupid idiot for a long time. Bracketology is a major that even North Carolina Tar Heels fans knows is something he made up. However, Joey thinks it’ll be cute to have Syracuse face Georgetown is his first Bracketology of the 16-17 season. What’s dumb about doing that is the two teams play each other in December and Dr. Brackets should know that the committee typically avoids a rematch in the first round. I guess we should just be happy that Lunardi has Syracuse off the bubble right now, but we know that’ll change.

Don’t fret Joey, you’re not the only one from Bristol that we’ve got issues with. Et tu, Jay Bilas? We didn’t see that heel turn coming, but we should have known when you picked Joey’s over Delmonico’s. Least shocking is that the only smart one in the group hails from Canada. We see you Adnan Virk and we appreciate your support of Toronto’s College Team.

Rob Dauster over at NBC Sports is “all-in on the Hokies” placing them 5th in his predictions, one spot in front of the Orange. His rationale is that Va Tech went “10-8 in the ACC and beat Miami and Virginia.” I mean sure any team that could beat Miami and Virginia during the regular season last year deserves your respect. Just think about what those vaunted Hokies did in March on their run to the Final Four, which included a win over the Cavaliers in the Elite Eight. Oh wait Dauster, that was Syracuse which made that run. I guess that extra ACC win over Wake Forest means more than a Final Four trip, which is a reasonable observation for a really big idiot. I mean Virginia Tech?

Speaking of really big idiots, then we get to old friend Seth Davis over at Sports Illustrated. When Seth’s not shilling his Mom’s miracle elixir, he likes to fancy himself as a college hoops expert and this year is no different. Notice how this paragraph on his choice for best shooter in the country, Giddy Potts, leaves out any mention of Syracuse holding Potts to nine points in the Tournament:

Giddy Potts, Middle Tennessee. His name alone would warrant a mention, but Potts returns to the Blue Raiders after leading the nation last season in three-point percentage (50.6). He went 3 for 5 from behind the arc and finished with 19 points in Middle Tennessee’s epic NCAA tournament upset of Michigan State.

I think Seth should spend more time with his colleague Luke Winn who has the sense to put the Orange in a tie for 4th in the ACC.

The absolute worst prediction I could find was from Athlon Sports. This is so dumb that no one would agree to attach their name to the prediction, so I’m going to just say that the entire Athlon Sports staff just made The List. Ninth place? That’s updated after the transfer of Andrew White was confirmed? Syracuse behind Notre Dame? This could be the worst non-Dakich/Gottlieb prediction in’s a word for a really long period of time Chris?

Since the theme of the week is to try and be good to one another, let’s end this by saying nice job by the locals to make some smart predictions. Muddy Waters must be spending more time sitting near Donna than with those Three Stooges of Carlson, Bailey, and Mink. (Update: Looks like the Ditota influence spread quickly through the newsroom as they’ve all fallen in line over there.)

That’s all of now, but we’ll be back to add more names to The List because there’s always more idiots.