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Welcome to TNIAAM Roast Week

Don’t worry, this (probably) won’t distract from Wake Forest...

Welcome to TNIAAM Roast Week! It’s insane to believe, but 10 years ago this week, Sean Keeley started a website about Syracuse Orange sports. He named it after an obscure broadcast reference to a quarterback few will recall outside of the SU fan base (we love you, Troy, don’t worry). A decade later, this all makes sense, as it’s the only way this blog could’ve started.

Rather than pretend I’ve been a big part of what this site has done well for all of the last 10 years (though I was a lurker from 2007 to 2011, before becoming the #disloyalidiot you all know and tolerate), I’ll let Sean properly honor TNIAAM later in the week. He’s been the brains behind this operation since day one, and to be doing it this long is a lifetime in internet years. For those old enough (some of you aren’t), think back to the blogs you read 10 years ago. Now think about how many of them still exist. Now think about how many of them are still run by the same person.

That list isn’t all that long, is it?

Without being sappy, I’ve learned a lot from Sean as a writer and as an adult. I’ve learned a lot from this community too, many of you being much longer tenured Syracuse fans, with knowledge and perspective to share with those that’ll listen. This blog and the community it’s created don’t exist without each other. Like Sean, you all deserve a thank you for making this site everything it has been for the last 10 years (and hopefully will be in the next 10 years after).

But back to the reason we’re here: the roast. This place rarely takes anything all that seriously, and that includes landmark anniversaries. While we’re still going to talk about what’s happened here for the last 10 years, we’re going to rely on some help as well. Throughout the week, some friends and foes will be checking in to pay tribute... and also talk shit. Hopefully you’ll join us for what should be an entertaining few days of #jokesandgarbage.

Thanks again for your patronage and support for all of this time. Hope you’re still around when this is over.