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We probably should have bid on that 1959 Syracuse national championship ring

The ring fetched $3,446.24 in an auction


Last month we found out that one of the Syracuse 1959 National Championship rings was going to be auctioned off. The ring belonged to Gene Grabosky, a defensive tackle for the Orangemen and a senior on that squad.

In the comments of that post, HighSocks21 threw out the idea of raising money to buy the ring so it could be given to Syracuse University. Had we known it was only going to fetch $3,446.24 in the auction, we would have done it. Our bad.

There were seventeen bidders in the auction but the winner has not been disclosed.

We’d love to know what the new owner has in store for the memento. As the years go on, anything we can show off to commemorate the 1959 National Championship football team is nice to have. So let’s keep an eye out if one of these happens again so we do what we can, Indiana Jones-style.