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The one where the UConn Blog makes good on a bet

We waited a few weeks to cash this one in. It didn’t make it less satisfying.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Connecticut Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

When the Syracuse Orange visited the UConn Huskies last month, you may recall a small wager placed on the outcome. Our friends over at the UConn Blog wanted to hand themselves a proper punishment for eventually losing to Syracuse -- a loss they would suffer, by a score of 31-24. They were tasked with reading a three-sentence statement of our choosing. And while we delayed the payoff a bit on our end, last week’s timing of the Big 12’s non-decision seemed like the perfect occasion to cash in.

Below, the UConn Blog’s Aman Kidwai is a good sport, and reads our prepared statement in its entirety. Have to hand it to him for going through with it. Sean or I would have struggled through a similar fate if SU had lost the game.

The full statement, for your own reference:

"We, the UConn Blog, which covers the Northeast's least coveted athletic department (non-Rugers division) denounce the Huskies' candidacy for Power 5 conference inclusion forevermore. As an inferior entity to the Syracuse Orange and non-factor in the ongoing war of New York City, we accept our fate as the cow-ridden populace of a fictional sixth borough. We also agree to henceforth acknowledge all 101 purportedly vacated Orange basketball wins despite the NCAA's insistence that Gerry McNamara did not embarrass us in 2006 in a loss that still haunts our soon-to-be dead basketball program."


Thanks again, Aman! And go easy on him, gang. I’m sure it was difficult enough reading that.

SU and the Huskies meet again this calendar year — this time on the basketball court -- December 5 at Madison Square Garden.