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Syracuse director of football operations Brad Wittke gets ‘public reprimand’ for role in BC sideline scrum

SU publicly reprimanded Wittke for “unsportsmanlike behavior”

What people mostly remember when Syracuse Orange quarterback Eric Dungey flung Boston College Eagles corner William Harris to the ground on the sidelines is that it set off a fight involving a bunch of players. What they might not have noticed is that there was one SU coaching staff official involved as well. Director of Football Operations Brad Wittke made contact with Harris and it was unclear if he was trying to prevent a fight or got was party to it.

Monday, SU announced that it had publicly reprimanded Wittke for “unsportsmanlike behavior by making contact with Boston College player William Harris.” Wittke released a statement as well.

“I apologize to William Harris, Coach Addazio and the entire Boston College football team for my actions Saturday. While trying to prevent the situation from becoming worse I made contact with William, causing him to fall to the ground. I take responsibility for that and regret that it happened.”

Athletic Director John Wildhack added a statement of his own:

“I hold all members of our athletics program to highest standard of conduct, and support the Atlantic Coast Conference’s commitment to sportsmanship. I’ve spoken with Brad and he fully understands that his actions were not appropriate.”

It seems as though Wittke will not be reprimanded further. The school made no announcement regarding Dungey and it doesn’t appear that he’ll face any kind of reprimand.