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Syracuse vs. Boston College Official TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

We’ve talked about this game all week. Now what’s going to happen?

Boston College v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Coming off a big upset last week, the Syracuse Orange (3-4, 0-2) go on the road to face the rival Boston College Eagles (3-3, 0-3) on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET. If you’re not attending in-person, as is probably the case for a bunch of folks, this one’s on the ACC Network (check you local listings). BC opened up as a six-point favorite, and that’s drifted down to around five.

So what does the TNIAAM staff think will happen on Saturday?

Steve Haller

Syracuse 28, Boston College 13

I'm assuming we'll have a little weather factoring into the equation this weekend, but it won't hamper us too much. BC's defense is pretty solid by the numbers, but we've seen what this offense can do to a good defense if it's clicking and the Eagles have given up points and loads of them to two of the pass-first offenses they've faced. The defense should be able to handle a rush-first offense enough to keep the wheels moving and here's to hoping we saw something "click" last week and we don't get gashed in the air on some fluke play-action.

The Invisible Swordsman

Boston College 17, Syracuse 14

Yes, total #disloyalidiot call here. But last week's convincing and thoroughly enjoyable victory over then #17 Virginia Tech has my inner "SU homer" soul completely turned around. Are we still cake batter, or are we now suddenly fluffy and delicious cake? I think we are cake. Well, maybe not. I don't know! I don't know!!! It's not my fault! It's not my fault!!! Here's the deal: I think we can all agree that we saw a glimpse of our future last weekend and I am still riding a goosebump-fueled high compliments of HCDB. In OUR HOUSE -- the one with the roof and perfect conditions -- we dominated. BC's house by contrast is forecast on Saturday to have steady rain with winds holding in the 25mph, and I think that is going to have a very tangible impact on our offensive efficiency. Mother nature causes us to regress back to Wake Forest, and rewards the vanilla BC game plan.

Kevin Wall

Syracuse 27, Boston College 17

The weather forecast has me tempering my expectations from the Syracuse offense, but I think the Orange can hit some big plays against the Eagles. On the other side of the ball, I don't think the BC dudebro offense is designed to score enough to earn a victory. They will try and control the clock, but if Syracuse can get a lead and avoid turnovers I think the victory along with the #OrangeEagle points come back on I-90 with the Orange.

Dan Lyons

Syracuse 21, Boston College 17

As I mentioned on the podcast, the Vegas line (which opened with B.C. as a 6 or 6.5-point favorite without the weather concerns) absolutely terrifies me, because it feels like, given what we know, that Syracuse should be a favorite here. The Orange are not, but I'm not going to totally let Vegas scare me away here. I also refuse to believe that the weather can possibly be as bad as it was in Winston-Salem a few weekends ago, so hopefully SU can get a few touchdowns on the board up in Chestnut Hill. The Eagles have a good defense and the weather will help it limit Syracuse's explosive attack, but with the SU D ever-improving, I don't see Steve Addazio's offensively deficient club putting up enough points here. I have a gross, frustrating win, but an Orange win nevertheless, here.

John Cassillo

Syracuse 28, Boston College 24

I trended higher on this one originally, but given the weather forecast and the serious potential for a letdown game, I’m trending down just a little. Still, Boston College’s offense can’t move the football -- even more so than was the case vs. UConn. So even with some rain and wind, I still like SU’s chances to use tempo to get the win. It won’t be without its frustrations, mind you. But Dino Babers’s team does enough on offense early put BC in the rearview, then lets the defense take over (I know, very weird to say).

Sean Keeley

Syracuse 24, Boston College 21

I'm gonna be honest, I'm very torn on this one. I don't particularly like Syracuse on the road in what will likely be inclimate weather against a team with a decent defense. We've seen how that goes already. But, I guess I'm willing to climb aboard the train and assume the team will be carrying momentum with them this weekend. I'm still wary about our ability to score in bunches outside of the Dome so I'm not expecting offensive fireworks. Of course, now that I've said all of this we're going to regress and lose by 14. Thanks, me.

Now it’s your turn...