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Jim Boeheim joins Doug Gottlieb for awkward, friendly dialogue


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-California vs Hawaii Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, our old friend Doug Gottlieb hosted Jim Boeheim on his radio show on Tuesday, and boy was it painfully jovial. Look, Gottlieb and Syracuse have a lot of history and a lot of animosity. To be frank, this segment was way too friendly for our liking. But aside from that the transcript was very telling. Let’s delve in.

Boeheim defends his players

Boeheim didn’t want to throw any individual player under the bus in reference to his 101 vacated wins in the wake of the NCAA’s investigation. This showed that he truly does care about his players, despite what some people might think.

Said Boeheim, “If you publish a media guide you have to identify the players that were involved in those losses. If you don’t publish a media guide then obviously you don’t have to say those players... But I didn’t want to have to put the players names in the record books.”


Sorry for yelling, but Boeheim isn’t retiring.... yet. Stop asking.

“Does this change in any way your exit strategy?” Asked Gottlieb.

“No, not at all. I’ve never coached for a certain number of wins. I’ve never though “Well I need to win a certain number [of wins],’” Boeheim reiterated for the 1000th time that he isn’t retiring or changing his plans for retirement.

Let him have it, Jimmy

“So here’s my question. Do you want me to eat crow that your team belonged in the tournament for how well your team did in the tournament?” Gottlieb asked.

Oh boy. Here we go. You know Boeheim is totally going to stick it to ole Gottlieb here. I mean, the way Gottlieb DISRESPECKTED Syracuse on Selection Sunday for getting into the tournament... The way he threw around the name St. John’s to try to drag Syracuse’s name through the mud. Surely, Boeheim let him have it, right? Wrong.

“No no not at all, you should because you know as a smart guy that the selection committee looks at who you beat. Not who you lost to, who you beat. We won at Duke, we beat Texas A&M and Connecticut on a neutral court and we obviously beat Notre Dame and a couple other good teams, but it really was those three games away from home that nobody else had, away from home, in the last 10 teams in the tournament,” Boeheim concluded.

Total mind blow and total let down. Way too Mr. Nice Guy of Boeheim and honestly, out of character. However, Boeheim gonna Boeheim and can’t totally deviate from Boeheim. Epic altercasting in the first sentence. You’re not fooling anyone, Jimmy. We know you don’t think Gottlieb is smart.