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Dino Babers on Virginia Tech win, postgame speech and facing Boston College

The aftermath of Syracuse’s upset still hasn’t finished setting in.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse coach Dino Babers became a viral sensation after ESPNU captured his postgame speech following Syracuse’s 31-17 upset win over Virginia Tech last Saturday. While appearing on the ACC coaches teleconference on Wednesday, Babers discussed his newfound fame, the importance of that win and Syracuse’s upcoming game against Boston College.

Honey, I’m Famous

Admit it, you’ve probably watched this video at least six or seven times. Who can blame you? It’s classic Dino at his finest. Shortly after Syracuse pulls off the improbable upset, Babers gathers his team in the locker room, reminding them how everyone – the TNIAAM staff included – doubted they’d be able to win this game. He then fires his team up, even more so than they already are, with an “us against the world” mentality. And brings them together as family.

While Babers said speeches like this one are a common occurrence after a win, not just at Syracuse, but throughout college football, he also admitted the energy he and his players felt following that upset win is what separates this speech from pack, and the main reason why the video ended up going viral.

“That game meant a lot to those kids,” Babers said. “I think that’s what the feedback, and the energy from that tape, or that video (shows)…is the clear and pure energy from that those kids had after that game. They’re all committed. They’re totally bought in. And that pureness is what’s keeping that video going, which is keeping the clicks going.”

History-Defining Win?

Last season Syracuse, led by fifth-string walk-on quarterback Zack Mahoney, nearly defeated No. 8 LSU, losing 34-24. The loss was considered a “moral victory” of sorts at the time. However, as Sean points out here, moral victories don’t do much for the development of a program, only ACTUAL victories do.

That is why Syracuse’s upset win over Virginia Tech was so important to the future of this program, it showed the system Babers has in place for the Orange can result in actual wins over actual ranked opponents.

Babers, himself, said he believes Syracuse’s win over Virginia Tech has the potential to be the defining win which thrusts the Orange into a new era.

“Any time you take over a new program, there is always going to be that game that everyone goes back to and turns the program,” Babers said. “Hopefully, three to four, five, years down the road, people will point back to this game.”

Orange Offense vs. Eagles Defense

Babers praised Boston College football and Eagles coach Steve Addazio as a whole, but made a point to emphasize the difficulty Syracuse may have in facing Boston College’s defense.

Despite blowout losses to Virginia Tech and Clemson, losing by a total of 105-10, the Eagles still have one of the best defenses (statistically) in college football. Boston College’s defense has given up, on average, just 253 yards per game, 4th-best in the country, 149.7 passing yards per game, 5th-best in the country, and 103.3 rushing yards, 10th-best in the country.

“That defense is a total defense,” Babers said. “I don’t think it’s just edge rushers and secondary guys. The linebackers are outstanding and the scheme is difficult.”


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