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Syracuse vs. Boston College: Eagles open as six-point favorites at home

Despite their big win, SU remains the underdog

Virginia Tech v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

You thought maybe the Syracuse Orange would be favored when they take on the Boston College Eagles this weekend, didn’t you? Nope!

Per Vegas Insider, the Eagles open as a six-point favorite over the Orange before their game this upcoming Saturday.

it would be understandable for some to wonder why the Orange would be such an underdog. SU is coming off a 31-17 victory over Virginia Tech, the same team that throttled the Eagles 49-0. However, it’s also understandable why Syracuse isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt.

It’s a road game for SU.

SU proved a lot of things this past weekend but one thing it has yet to prove is that it can win a football game on the road in non-domed conditions. While BC’s offense is only slightly more effective than eleven sacks of potatoes thrown on the field, their defense is among the best in the nation. That was the case last year as well when SU needed a last-second field goal to defeat BC in the Dome.

The only two three times they’ve traveled from Syracuse, the Orange have come away with losses. They lost 50-33 to Notre Dame at MetLife Stadium and then lost 28-9 to Wake Forest in bad conditions. Certainly, we’ll always wonder what could have been if that second one had been played in normal weather, but it is what it is. (Ed. - Forgot about the UConn game, which we won, barely, but if I can forget it already, Vegas certainly did).

Of course, as Dino’s boys proved this weekend, the odds don’t actually mean much. SU overcame 20-point odds, what’s another six?