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Syracuse Basketball: Andrew White in game shape thanks to The Sweet Science

Andrew White spent his offseason in the boxing gym preparing for ACC battle

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Grad transfer Andrew White knew he was going to need to step up his stamina and physicality in the upcoming season. So the new Syracuse Orange decided to spend the summer in the gym, but not just any gym. Per Mike Waters, White spent his summer in the boxing gym.

"I knew the players at the schools I was looking at were all working out at their schools,'' White said. "I knew when I got to school there would be a transition in terms of the strength and conditioning program. I wanted to be in good shape, but I wanted to be fresh so instead of lifting weights, I used boxing for all my strength and conditioning.''

Specifically, White spent his days at a boxing gym in the Blandford Community Center where he'd do 90-minute drills. Doesn't sound like White got in the ring too often, but he would instead work the speed bag, heavy bag, and any other bag someone needed to be punched.

White, who played at 220 pounds at Nebraska last season, slimmed down to 212 and felt like he could move his feet faster and was playing lower.

Chances are Andrew won't have to throw fisticuffs too often this season (though we'll keep an eye on Duke) but it sounds like the all-around workout was a huge benefit to his health, which will only benefit Syracuse even more.