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Syracuse Basketball: Matthew Moyer cleared to return to practice

The freshman forward has been given the go-ahead to start practicing.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Initially, it sounded like Matthew Moyer's foot injury that he suffered over the summer wouldn't be an issue. That changed soon after when Jim Boeheim made it sound like fairly unknown how the foot would heal.

Practice has already gotten underway for the 2016-2017 season but Syracuse Orange basketball picked up some good news in terms of Moyer's health on Tuesday.

Matthew Moyer has been cleared to participate in all aspects of Syracuse's basketball practice, Orange coach Jim Boeheim said Tuesday afternoon.

Moyer was held out of contact drills and scrimmages for the first week of practice, but has since been deemed fully fit to perform. Boeheim said Moyer will be gradually immersed into the contact and scrimmage drills. He needs to regain some of the conditioning he lost while his foot healed.

The freshman's foot issue was specifically diagnosed as "Grade 3 turf toe."

The truth is that Moyer could still end redshirting this season. It's the rare year when the Orange are absolutely loaded at each position and playing time for the 6'8" forward is already going to be hard to come by. Moyer has a couple critical weeks ahead to prove that he deserves a chance to play this year but time, and his foot, will tell.