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Syracuse wearing new uniform combo, altered blue helmets vs. Notre Dame

While it was much later than normal this week, the Syracuse Orange have revealed what they’ll be wearing when they take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at MetLife Stadium.

Lucky for all of us, it’s not #PLATINUM.

Syracuse rolls out its third “new” combination of the year, blue helmets, blue jerseys and white pants. There’s also the extra wrinkle of a white face mask on the blue helmets. Typically, those face masks are blue.

For the second straight game vs. Notre Dame, we’re not really wearing a “traditional” look. And the lack of orange probably irks some fans as we seem to do this quite a bit when we’re on national television. Still, it’s not a bad combination at all. And the extra detail of the white face mask is a nice touch (and maybe is a hint of future small tweaks for the unis).

Also, given that this is Dungey’s gear, you can probably take this as a sign he’s playing today. Probably.

The Orange will try to right the ship in these individual uniform elements today at noon. They’re 1-2 in blue helmets, 3-9 in blue jerseys and just 2-7 in white pants since the start of 2014.