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The Best Moments From Jim Boeheim & Jay Bilas' Hangout

We knew Jim Boeheim was sitting at home watching the Syracuse Orange basketball team during his nine-game suspension but what we didn't realize was that sometimes he had guests. During the game against the Miami Hurricanes, ESPN's Jay Bilas stopped by (unannounced, I'm sure) to watch with him.

What transpires is everything we hoped for.

The best moments, after realizing they're going to refer to the suspension only as "this situation."?

0:17 - "Geez! We still didn't get it."

0:33 - "I think when it comes time and you decide that you're done, you walk away and that's okay. But when you're in this situation, you're're living every minute. It's the worst kind of torture." (Except, maybe, torture)

2:49 - "Oh"

3:26 - "The turnovers today have absolutely nothing to do with coaching. This is a player's game."

5:12 - I'm anxious to get back with them and trying to get them back on the right road."

I'm also left with a burning question...

Water? Just water? You have a guest, Jim. At least put out from Tostitos. I don't believe that Juli doesn't have that house stocked with the finest in Wegman's-procured snackeries. I refuse.