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Syracuse Women's Ice Hockey: Orange Open 2016 With Tie Against No. 10 Colgate

A tie may seem like a boring outcome for any game, but this one has a bit of upside for Syracuse women's ice hockey.

Stephanie Grossi carries the puck as Syracuse ties #10 Colgate, 2-2. January 4, 2016.
Stephanie Grossi carries the puck as Syracuse ties #10 Colgate, 2-2. January 4, 2016.
Syracuse Athletics (2015)

Syracuse has struggled with ranked opponents this season, going 1-5 versus top-ten teams in 2015. It's the same season, but a different year, and the Orange started it out on a better note. The last time Syracuse and Colgate met was on November 20, 2015. The Raiders handed the Orange a 2-1 loss. However on Monday, Syracuse tied #10 Colgate by a score of 2-2 in overtime. Although it is an improvement, Syracuse head coach Paul Flanagan holds his team to high expectations.

"I thought we had a poor first period, and first half of the second period. We just weren't responding and I was just disappointed," said Flanagan in an interview with

Many say they would rather win or lose than tie a game, but this outcome has a moral victory feel for the Orange.

"Maybe (the outcome) is a so-so. It's not a good tie, it's not a bad tie, it's right in the middle," said Flanagan.

Yes, the Orange would've liked to win this game and gotten some revenge from the last time these two teams met. But it shows that Syracuse can stick around with some of the nation's top teams.

When I spoke to Flanagan earlier this season, he said this team was right on the cusp. They have bad outings, for example an 0-3 loss to #7 North Dakota, but then the next day they defeat them 5-2. He describes it as rollercoaster, this team has a high and then it can shoot down to a low.

"We have to strive for consistency. Whether it's from one shift to the next, one period to the next, but certainly one game to the next," said Flanagan.

After their last non-conference game against Union on January 12th, Syracuse will play six, two-game weekend series all against CHA opponents. A game on Friday and then another on Saturday against the same team. Consistency will be key if the Orange want to stay on the right track. Splitting a two-game series will not help them claim the top spot in the conference. However, this tie may give the girls what they need to come out strong in 2016 and win consistently.

Here's the full interview with head coach Paul Flanagan after the game via