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Syracuse Basketball: ESPN Will Air Jim Boeheim and Jay Bilas Watching Syracuse-Miami Game

One of the big things we've joked/genuinely wondered about is how Jim Boeheim handles watching the Orange during this nine game suspension. We're about to get a look.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

For as hard of a time many of give ESPN (myself included), they do know what they're doing, most of the time. Case in point: ESPN set up Jay Bilas and Jim Boeheim together in a Syracuse hotel room to watch the Syracuse Orange versus Miami Hurricanes game. Portions of this will air on SportsCenter this week and during the Syracuse-North Carolina game Saturday night.

First off: this is awesome. Not only because this is literally something I've seen mentioned on social/in the comments, but because if there's someone who can hang with Jimmy B's sarcasm, wit and general NCAA hating, it's Jay Bilas. Bilas' comments after Boeheim's news broke probably helped all of this along, seeing we know how well Jimmy has gotten along with other ESPN talent in the past.

Secondly, even with the Orange's 0-3 start to the ACC schedule, it shows just how much of a name Syracuse basketball is. Yes, Saturday night's game has Jim Boeheim returning (which is a helluva story in itself) but UNC-Syracuse is a premier game in the eyes of the ESPN all powerful.

So with that, let's start imagining all of the amazing snarky comments Boeheim had during this one, and how many will actually be allowed to air.