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2016 National Signing Day: Syracuse Orange Recruits Make Their Commitments

Today's the day we find out if all of those verbal commitments will be upheld.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's National Signing Day! That means it's time for the 2016 Syracuse Orange football recruiting class to become official. All of those verbal commitments are expected to become official and who knows what else we might hear today.

It's Dino Babers' first recruiting class as head coach of the Syracuse football squad and in the few weeks he's had to work with he's remade it in his image already. The class will have a mix of talented stayovers from the Shafer Era as well as the first #DomeDudes recruited under the #OrangeIsTheNewFast mantra.

The list of players we're expecting to hear from today include:

Andrew Armstrong, Joshua Black, Scoop Bradshaw, Devin Butler, Michael Clark, Devon Clarke, Kendall Coleman, Rex Culpepper, Evan Foster, Sam Heckel, Carl Jones, Moe Neal, Jaquan Nelson, Liam O'Sullivan, Sean Riley, Kenneth Ruff, Airon Servais, Jo-El Shaw, Rashad Smith, Tim Walton, and McKinely Williams.

We're also hopeful to hear good things from a few others who are lurking out there.

Check back here all day to see who has signed, who has yet to sign and what else happens during NSD.